Thyristor units for control of AC LOADS  15-500 Amps

Thyristor control offers the most efficient, reliable and flexible method for the majority of AC electrical loads.  Newtronic thyristor assemblies are supplied as a complete package, incorporating various types of protection, including carefully selected thyristor protection fuses.

All units are designed for continuous use at an ambient temperature of 50o C with natural convection cooling, the normal operating current value is shown as the Rating. We incorporate an added safety factor in our designs and this is represented as          Maximum  Current.

A choice of control input signals is available including Analogue        ( 0-5v, 0-10v, 4-20mA ) also suitable for Manual control or                  Logic (5-30v dc) for control from computer or PLC.

In addition, to meet the requirement of various types of electrical loads there is a choice of firing modes(Zero Crossover or Phase Angle) plus facilities including: Maximum Power Limit, Individual Phase Trim, Current  Limit and Soft Start.


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