MICRO TP200+, is a versatile, esy to use stored program temperature programmer / controller, up to 10 programs of 20 segments each,  or up to a single program of 200 segments

Click image to download datasheet

10 stored programs of up to 20 segments each                           High Stability Programmer Controller

Each segment may be a slope or dwell

Programs may chained to give 40, 60, or 80 segments                    in a single program

As simple to use as TP5+ or TP20+, local or remote operation

Programmable program holdback on each  & every segment

Inputs include, Thermocouple, RTD, Volts & mA

Wide range of outputs including Relay, Logic and Isolated dc             and motorised valve positioner

3 relays fitted as standard for alarms / program functions

14 bit Analogue to Digital conversion

Simple to install and use

High accuracy and Stability

Designed and made in Great Britain

Two year parts and labour warranty



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