TINY 4830 High performance 1/16 din (48 x 48 mm) Quality Temperature / Process controllers for demanding applications where panel space is at a premium

Compact Plug in 48 x 48 controllers

Dual Bright LED Displays of process variable and setpoint

Universal input(fully configurable) T/C, RTD, mA, mV or V

Microprocessor based/surface mount technology

Modular construction, plug in output boards Relay,Logic,Analogue,plus 2 Alarms

Proven,sophisticated, P I D control algorithm

Configurable ramp to setpoint facility

Universal 85 - 264 Volts power supply

Optional fully configurable alarms

Optional cool output

Optional serial communications RS232, RS485(DUE 2005)

Designed and made in Great Britain

Two year parts and labour warranty




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